System integration between webshop and visma business





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Nautisk Forlag created a webshop for their customers and therefore needed integration between the webshop and their economic- and logistics system, Visma Business. Nautisk Forlag chose Streamserve for this integration.

This system is based on webservice and SQL- calls between the website and Visma Business. Product prices and other relevant information like inventory status is presented directly to the customers, and creating of new orders will be automatically presented in Visma Business.

Webshop - Streamserve - Visma Business

Once the customer’s access their account in the webshop there will be an external lookup inside Streamserve to Visma Business to make sure that the username and password are correct. Whenever a customer is doing a search in their product catalog the data will be retrieved directly from Visma Business. This will delete potential errors and conflicts, in both different prices and inventory information, and Nautisk Forlag will only have to apply changes to one platform. All orders in the webshop will be registered inside Visma Business through Streamserve.

Order confirmation and invoices

When an order is generated from the webshop all the handling will happen inside Visma Business. Data gets transferred to Streamserve who creates order confirmations, shipping labels, and invoices. The final documents will be sent to their customers through different channels based on the relevant information provided.

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