We are a proud provider of IT services for companies with a focus on processes and value creation through their Infor M3 solution. Advenit assists customers with operations and various integrations for optimal operation and efficiency. We have extensive experience with various solutions and integrations and now also offer our own operating agreement called “Advenit Private Cloud”, where you as a customer no longer need to think about operation and maintenance of your Exstream / Streamserve solution.

Focus on safety

Advenit Private Cloud (APC) secures your data and at the same time ensures that all operations run as normal. APC is operated and managed through one of Norway’s leading companies in data security and operation of server environments. With APC you will be able to get benefits by dropping all future updates.


Always up to date


Full overview


High security


Fast support

Exstream as an integration tool

OpenText Exstream Communications Server is not just a document production system. It is also a powerful and effective integration platform.

Possibility of connection via several protocols and practically all data sources, super-fast conversion process, and delivery to almost any location – this is the very essence of an integration tool, right?

Automated processes

We assist our customers in creating and maintaining their processes with a focus on security and efficient solutions. Together with our customers, we set up the desired document flow and ensure that their systems are operational 24/7, 365 days a year.


Advenit is experienced Streamserve consultants, with a good understanding of business overall. Solutions brought to us by Advenit has a tendency to work just out of the box which helps us a lot in our day to day business.

Waldemar Zieba - Glava AS

MOWI chose Advenit AS as external provider for our Streamserve- related operations for all of our Infor M3 solutions on a global level. Advenit AS shows high competence about the products they deliver, as well as a great understanding of our challenges and needs.

Jørn I. Berg CIO - MOWI

With our complex IT- environment and a huge amount of data transaction we need a reliable business partner who can take care of the processes regarding document handling. Advenit is the perfect partner.

Thomas Fehn CIO - Brødrene Dahl

Optimera is totally dependent on a business partner with high competence, availability and great minds for solving our different problems. We are glad we got started with Advenit, which has improved our flow of information and helped us out with great solutions for our needs.

Livar Johansen - Optimera AS

Advenit operates and develops our Streamserve solution in an excellent way.
The employees know the software well and thus find flexible solutions for us.
As Streamserve is an operationally critical program for AS Blomsterringen Engros we depend on fast and good follow-up. Here, Advenit delivers!

Gunnstein Skomedal - Blomsterringen AS

Advenit AS is our absolute favorite business partner for document handling, flow of information and further development. Kavli is highly dependent on their Streamserve activity and does often need qualified expertise on these services. We can also rely on Advenit and we are sure that this company is the right partner for us.

Svein Solheim - Kavli Holding AS


We advise and develop tailormade solutions in OpenText Exstream, also known as StreamServe – Infor M3 – Output Management. Our clients use different ERP- solutions like Infor M3, SAP, Oracle, IFS, Visma, and Dynamics AX. We are developing solutions for clients in different industries.

We ensure a good communication flow and have methods for quick and easy handling of their data.


Retrieve and send data in different formats. We can process filetypes as XML, (flat files), (side formats), CVS and much more. Our integrations are based on API, Webservice, SQL, and ODBC. We make sure that efficiency and productivity are obtained throughout the whole value chain.

We establish fast and secure integration between the company’s applications and work tools.


Custom made solutions based on your demand


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Brødrene Dahl is Norway’s leading VVS- providers. Brødrene Dahl Group has over 1500 employees and total revenue of more than 6 billion Norwegian kroner. Advenit has delivered advanced system integration…


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