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The base for this document flow configuration is produced in the ERP system Infor M3. From there this information will be sent to Streamserve for formatting and further processing. The processed files will then be sent with Logiq for further distribution.

Brødrene Dahl was looking for a solution regarding external prints. Advenit was hired to make connections between Brødrene Dahl and other business partners who had expertise in this field. We chose Logiq as a provider of these services both for prints and EDI.

We wanted to make a robust system for production and transportation of documents to the external provider while we had full control of design and maintenance for the layout on these documents. Advenit has great experience in Streamserve and the solution was to generate the documents in Streamserve and then transfer these documents to Logiq through SFTP.

As soon as Streamserve receives the data from Infor M3 it decides on document level if it qualifies for external distribution. If so the document will be sent to Streamserve and there it will be converted to a PDF document. In certain cases, we also enrich the data with specific API- call in return to Infor M3. Next step is to generate an electronic document in XML- format where the PDF file will be stored. As a final step, all this information will be wrapped inside a “transportation document” which also is an XML- file. This final document will be exported to the SFTP- and gets delivered to the external document handling partner.

An example of document handling

An invoice gets created in Infor M3 and gets transferred directly into Streamserve. This invoice will be created as a PDF document and will be included in an EHF (XML) which also will be included inside an XML envelope. Once Logiq receives this file it can read your preferred method of distribution. In this example, the file will be sent as a print version. All the necessary information is available in the document that gets transferred. In this case, the document will be printed and all the metadata that is included in the XML file.

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