Glava delivers most of its products directly on the construction site. Logistics is a huge and important step in delivering the right products to the correct client all over Norway. The isolation products if very often ordered by different people than the ones that receiving it, and therefore it is crucial for Glava to make sure that all document handling and sorting is 100% correct in every transaction.

«Automatic routines such as receiving an SMS before the goods arrive at the construction site is one of the beneficial factors to make a problem-free delivery. Advenit saw this problem and fixed it by making automatic document flow and certain rules for handling.» Terje Bredesen, Logistikksjef Glava AS





1,6 Billion


24 776 tons


About the delivery

The phone number to the contact person at the construction site gets registered already when the order is placed. A trigger gets fired when the order is shipped from the Glava production site, and the contact person will receive an SMS within seconds.

Glava is using Streamserve to print and distribute information within their business. The documents and all of the information will be transferred from their ERP- system, IFS Application as XML files. Based on what kind of documents and information its receiving different steps will be automatically triggered such as printing labels, sending emails with attachments and much more. This step is controlled by the IFS setup and depends on what kind of document that is processed.

Automatic SMS triggers

The SMS solution is controlled by a server in DMZ which includes Streamserve Collector archive with signed labels. The archive uses Apache Tomcat database. The SMS that will be sent is including a #- URL to show the different gods that are arriving. Link Mobility is the provider for the SMS services.

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